Focus and Scope

Jurnal Kiprah Pendidikan aims to develop and disseminate science and technology through the scientific article of research and study of concepts or theories as an effort to enrich the scientific knowledge in the field of education and teaching.

Jurnal Kiprah Pendidikan covers issues concerning education and teaching at the level of primary, secondary and higher education. This article is based on the results of research and theoretical studies which are equivalent to research supported by various theoretical studies that produce research in the form of educational research, learning research, classroom action research, and development. The fields of science include:

  1. Social Sciences Education;
  2. Mathematics Education;
  3. Language Education;
  4. Science Education;
  5. Arts and Culture Education;
  6. Early Childhood Education;
  7. Civics Educational;
  8. Religious Education;
  9. Physical Education;
  10. Education and Teaching;
  11. Educational Psychology;
  12.  Learning Media;
  13.  Education Management;
  14. Educational Technology;
  15. Music Education;
  16. Economics Education.